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Greetings! Welcome to my personal wiki. Here you'll find information regarding my various MMORPG characters, my biography, my resume, my voice acting work, my videos, stories, games, ect., and other information. This is pretty much just my personal wiki.

Note: Because this is my own personal wiki that is being created for fun and for my benefit only, other members really aren't needed. People are, however, free to join if they wish but there really wont be anything for them to do. They can post constructive comments if they like regarding my MMORPG reviews* (when I type up the reviews), character biographies, or about the wiki in general, though at this point there isn't a lot to post comments about. I'm also willing to create a page for people to post forum messages on but, again, at this point there really isn't anything for people to talk about.
Thank you for understanding; and please enjoy my wiki-in-progress!

This wiki isn't completed yet, so bare with me while I finish it up.

If you're looking for the Blue Banshees Productions please click here..
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*My MMORPG reviews do not reflect the ideas or opinions of any game company. I do not work for any game or media company. I am simply a normal person writing up reviews for my own enjoyment.

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